Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hey There, Remember Me?

My, my, my...where has the time gone? I haven't updated this site since...that's right...OCTOBER! Oy!!!

No excuses, just a simple lack of motivation and inspiration. I don't want you to think that we haven't been doing anything the last five months...hardly! In fact, we have had some major life changes in the works lately. Will fill you in on that later.

For now, however, I wanted to do something that is LONG overdue. The love of our lives, Big E, turned the Big Three on December 28th. As I did with his second birthday, I would like to catch you up on some of his favorite things--make that 3 favorite things (covering a wide variety of topics). I actually "interviewed" him, so this is straight from the horse's mouth!
Here goes:


3 Favorite TV Shows:
1) Max & Ruby (much to Daddy's dismay)
2) Scooby Doo (much to Mommy's dismay, only because I'm sick of it)
3) Go, Diego, Go!

3 Favorite SHNAAACKS (that's snacks, Emmett style):
1) Ice cream (preferably vanilla shakes or Oreo Blizzards)
2) Blueberry Pop-tarts
3) Granola bars

3 Favorite Toys:
1) Candyland
2) Stickers
3) Moon Sand (messy...thanks, Grandma Donna :)

3 Favorite Colors:
1) Green
2) Orange
3) Blue

3 Favorite Places to Visit:
1) Zoo
2) Ice cream store
3) Aquarium/Mall (tie--he couldn't pick just one)

3 Favorite Animals:
1) Sharks
2) Dinosaurs
3) Fish (particularly the arapaima--look it up)

Well, that's a quick snapshot of our big 3 year old boy. He amazes us everyday with his intelligence, wit, and uncanny ability to get anything he wants ;) We don't know what we ever did without him!