Wednesday, March 31, 2010

San Diego on My Mind

REALLY early this morning (at like midnight), Mommy, Daddy and I got back from our trip to San Diego. We had so much fun! Everyday was packed with animals, beaches, walks and FOOD--my kind of vacation. As much as I loved San Diego though, it's always nice to come home to my own stuff. Click on the video scrapbook below of our super cool California getaway (be patient--it takes a few minutes to load)!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fave Photo of the Week

Last week, that is. Can't you just see how much my Daddy and I adore each other? He's my best friend :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm a Macaroni Kid!

Last week, Mommy and Auntie Dana decided to start a new venture. They are now officially Publishing Moms for Macaroni Kid. What is Macaroni Kid, you ask? It is a free weekly email newsletter and website that lists all the upcoming happenings and events for kids in our community. Mommy and Dana do all the research and find out what is going on locally--all you have to do is sign up and they send that information to you! She also says that they plan to include recipes, music and event reviews, giveaways, and a bunch of other stuff in the future. Pretty cool, huh?

Finally, Mommy has something to do with her time besides smooch on me all day...maybe I'll get a little break from her :)

If you live in the area, please support my Mommy by subscribing to her website . Just go to and click on "Subscribe Now". It's totally free! I promise! And they don't share your info with anyone--Momma can't stand telemarketers either, trust me. If you don't live in the area, do a search for your city on the national Macaroni Kid website. If there isn't a Publishing Mom (or Dad) in your area, talk to my Mommy about becoming one yourself. She thinks it's super fun.

Thanks from the Rockies!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Big Am I???

You will never guess what I did last night! Mommy was at Bible Study, so Daddy and I were having a guys' night at home. I was taking a bath (my second favorite thing in the world right after dinosaurs), when all of a sudden I had to go poo-poo. Sorry if this is too much information, but you're gonna love where this story goes.

Anyway, I said to Daddy "Uh-oh, poo-poo"....well Daddy was just sure that I had gone #2 in the bathtub (even though I have NEVER done that - yuck!). He came over to check, and saw that, indeed, the tub was clean. So he said, "Do you have to go poo-poo now?" Duh, Dad, isn't that what I just said? So he gets me out of the tub and puts me on the toilet. I sat there for a few minutes, smiling and feeling all big-boy like, and then happened! I went poo-poo on the potty for the first time ever! I got to flush the toilet myself and everything.

After hearing about this, Mommy said I must be ready for potty training. And, boy, am I! We might just have to wait until after our vacation next week--don't know about the accessibility of potties at Sea World...anyway, Daddy was so excited about my first poo-poo in the potty experience that he gave me an ice cream cone--that alone made it worth it. Mommy even got me out of bed when she got home to congratulate me. She also started to cry a little, because this means I'm not a little baby anymore. She's not so sure how she feels about that yet :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comic Strip - Part II

You may remember that on our last trip to Washington, Mommy and Dana created a comic strip of us coming upon a big, ferocious bear. Don't remember? Click here.

Anyhoo, they had SUCH a response (okay, a somewhat mild response), that they felt compelled to do it again. So, here we go, round 2! This time Natalie and I encounter a YION! (Emmett to English translation: lion). Yes, a big, cuddly lion that had to be mine....may the best lion tamer win!

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Sleepless in Seattle

Okay, not completely sleepless. In fact, I got a lot of sleep during our trip to Seattle. Mommy and her BFF, Dana, however, thought they were still in college--staying up late talking, laughing, and telling old stories. We went there to see Dana, Chad, my buddy Natalie, and the newest addition--Baby Charlotte! Now, I'm not much of a "baby person", but even I have to admit that she is one cute little pumpkin! She is three months old and about the same size that I was at three weeks old (or so Momma tells me).

We had soooo much fun on our trip. I mean, as if it wasn't cool enough that I got to ride on an airplane again, I even got my OWN SEAT this time...since I'm a big boy now and all. I sat by the window, watching movies, reading books and playing peek-a-boo with the occasional fellow passenger. Momma says I was a super good boy during both flights!

Once we got to Auntie D's house, it was game on! Natalie and I quickly picked up where we left off the last time we'd seen each other--playing, laughing, fighting, antagonizing...ahhh, good times! Even though I didn't have my favorite toys with me, I got to play with Natalie's stash of Little People, dolls, cars, and stacking toys. I quickly made a mess of the place, being sure to mark my territory right away.

Even though the weather wasn't the greatest, the sun peeked though long enough for a few fun outings...the train park, the zoo, and a local pond to feed the ducks. I especially loved the park--it had amazing, death-defying slides and treacherous climbing structures that allowed me to show off my wicked mountain man skillz for Natalie. Even though she didn't say anything...or acknowledge my efforts in any way...I KNOW that she was impressed :)

It was hard to say goodbye to our buddies, but we brought home with us a lot of great memories, and of course (thanks to Auntie D), a TON of pictures. Enjoy! (Click on the collage to enlarge)

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Thanks, Auntie D and the fam for a fabulous trip!