Monday, August 25, 2008

My New Toy!

Today, I got a brand new toy. Since I can stand up next to things now, Mommy and Daddy got me a table that has all kinds of buttons that make music and teach me things. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out how it worked. I love being a big boy!

Weekend Getaway

This weekend, Mommy, Daddy and I went to Keystone with our next-door neighbors and buddies, Tristan, Christina and Mekaya. We went for a LONG hike and got really tired. Mommy and Daddy are still sore (but I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that). We had a great time--aside from Daddy getting a head injury when the bear proofing bar on the trash can hit him (Mommy says that's what he gets for drinking :) Here are some pictures of our really fun trip!

Click to play Keystone August 2008
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Pretty Flowers!

Mama has to go back to work this Thursday, which means I get to go back to daycare. I can't wait to see all my buddies again and have new toys to play with! Mama is sad though, so she says we have to take advantage of our last few days of summer. So today, Mama and I went to the Botanic Gardens in Denver for the first time. There were lots of pretty flowers, and my favorite, lots of WATER! I wanted to jump in all of the ponds, but Mama wouldn't let me. Here are a few pictures of our big day outside...


Saturday, we went to see my buddy, Rowan. He was born five weeks after me, and we have lots of fun together. Take a look at us playing!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Guess Who's Crawling!

You guessed it! Me!

For a few weeks, I could only go a couple feet before falling or collapsing from sheer exhaustion, but now I can go ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE, and, boy, do I! My favorite things to crawl to are:
1) the cat bowls--I have successfully tipped over the cat water twice now. Mama and Daddy are onto me, but I'm wily so I know that I'll get to it again...
2) the springy door stops--they are all over the house, but they managed to elude me for seven months. Now that I have found them, I love flicking them so they make this really cool, LOUD twangy sound. Mama and Daddy love it (okay, maybe love is a strong word)...but I think I have a future in music.
3) underneath my jumperoo--I used to love being "in" my jumperoo, but now I prefer to be under it. It's kind of my secret hiding place. Every big boy needs a place to get away from the world.
Mama sings a special song to me as I'm crawling off on my adventures (to the tune of "Are you Sleeping?") Watch the video of me below and you can almost imagine Mama singing this little tune:

Where are you going,
where are you going,
Baby E, Baby E
Mama can't keep up with you
She's exhausted and Daddy is too
Please slow down,
Please slow down

Me in action!

My fortress...

I'm back!!!

I know, I's been a long time since I have written a message. Once again, you can blame Mommy, because I can only use the computer when she lets me. She FINALLY got a new camera, which is a darn good thing, because I am getting cuter by the minute. Mama was starting to feel bad about this, but Auntie Dana really guilted her by nominating us for a "major award" for my website--okay, maybe not major, but the only awards anyone has nominated me for so far are "biggest baby feet" and "boogiest nose", so I was pretty excited. We don't have many pictures yet, but here are a few to wet your appetite. I miss you all!!! Love, Big E

Extreme close-ups of my "boogie nose" :)

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