Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Brand New Day

Last night, Emmett made huge strides. He woke up (lucky Daddy was here to witness that) and wanted something to drink. When the nurse tried to hold a wet sponge up to his mouth, Emmett uttered his first words "Emmy do it". He wanted to do it himself...of course. That's my boy!

I was so relieved and proud to walk into the room this morning and see those big, beautiful, brown eyes looking back at me. He looks amazing today! He's still a bit sedative drunk, but he's talking a little and tugging at this lines a lot :) They just removed his left atrium line, and they will be removing another chest tube tube this afternoon. Sometime today, I WILL hold him :)

Unfortunately, Mom and Dad had to leave early this morning, so they didn't get to see him awake. We are just happy that they got to spend so much time with us. Safe travels, Grandma Cookie and Papa Mike...we love you!

With Grandma Cookie and Papa Mike, Day of Surgery

With his animals and books, Post-op Day 4

The Picture of Health

Well...almost :) Emmett has had another good day. His chest x-ray looked good, his oxygen mask came off, and one of his chest tubes was removed. He has spiked a fairly significant fever this afternoon. His CBC and diff looked good, so they don't think it's an infection, but that's always a concern, so they're keeping an eye on him. He hasn't opened his eyes yet, but he has "woken up" a few times...just long enough to say "Momma" in the most pathetic voice you've ever heard...and attempt to pull out some of his tubes. Luckily he runs out of energy pretty quickly so the wrestling matches don't last too long. They are planning to take out his left atrium line tomorrow, and once that is gone, I can hold my baby--yay!!!

Here is a picture of him today (before the oxygen mask was removed). He is looking more and more like himself with each passing moment.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Extubated and It Feels So Good!

E is going to be one happy camper when he wakes up without that breathing tube in--woo hoo!

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

This morning, Papa Joe, Grandma Judy, and Aunt Melissa had to go back home. Unfortunately, Emmett wasn't awake yet, so they didn't get to see his beautiful brown eyes. They did, however, get to spend another hour or so holding his hand, rubbing his back, and watching his little chest rise at fall at the beat of his amazing, improved heart.

As sad as it was to see them go, we are just so happy they could be here with us. We love you guys!

Day 2

Sorry that I haven't updated today...I have been posting on Facebook mostly. Emmett is doing great! He had a peaceful night, his vitals are good, and his pain seems to be under control. He had a chest x-ray and echo done today, and they both look good. There is a slight leak in his mitral valve, but they don't seem concerned at this point--they will just keep monitoring him. Of course, Emmett being Emmett, he has already tried to escape a few times. One second, he is completely out of it, the next moment, he is thrashing about like a wild man. Joe and I told the nurses that he goes from zero to sixty in no time, but they didn't heed our warnings. NOW they know :) They upped his sedative, putting him on a continuous drip, and he's doing better now. Though his little fights keep us busy and a little panicked, I am happy that he is so darn feisty...what a little fighter!

His surgeon came by to see him today, and he is very happy with E's progress, as are we. It's been a GOOD day!

Trying to get comfortable...

Our hero, Emmett, with his hero, Dr. Hanley

Thursday, May 27, 2010

In the Homestretch...

We got word almost two hours ago that Emmett was off bypass and his heart was beating on its own...sweeter words have never been spoken. They aren't quite finished yet, but the hardest part is over. Dr. Hanley should be around to speak with Joe and I soon. After that, it's just a matter of closing him up, and then we get to see our baby!

I am in awe of my son's strength and resiliency. I don't even know what else to say right now...I am just so proud to be his Mommy. We will update again once we see him...thank you for all of the prayers and well wishes!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here We Go...

About an hour and a half ago, Joe and I handed our sweet little boy over to the doctors. He is ready for surgery and waiting, perhaps they've even started by now. This is going to be a long day. We do, however, have the support of my parents, Joe's Dad and stepmom, and his sister, Melissa--not to mention the support of hundreds of friends, family members, and strangers, all praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. We are blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will keep you posted :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does It Get Any Better Than This?

Today was all about Emmett. From beginning to end, we tried to pack in as many Emmett-centric activities as we could. And I'm here to tell you...WE SUCCEEDED! Monterey Aquarium, an oceanfront lunch, and a couple hours spent exploring the beach for shells, crabs, sea urchins, and fish. I know Emmett had to be thinking, "Does it get any better than this???"

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Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, it's 6:30 a.m. West Coast time...I've been awake for almost 45 minutes (darn time zones)...I'm sitting here on the bed listening to my favorite sound...Emmett snoring. Nothing has ever sounded so sweet. It's funny how things that would annoy you (or gross you out) about anyone else in the world are amazingly cute when done by your own child--snoring, "boogie" picking, missing the toilet, leg kicking tantrums, etc, etc, etc...

As I lay here next to Emmett and prepare for his third (and hopefully, final!) heart surgery this Wednesday, I am reminded that Emmett is a gift to Joe and I. He isn't "ours". He's on loan, so to speak, from our Father. The Father who created Emmett and his special heart...the Father who got him through two previous surgeries...the Father who loves him more than I could ever dream of (as hard as that is to imagine). And we are so unbelievably thankful that God has entrusted this amazing, beautiful little boy to us.

We have lived by the following verse with Emmett:
"Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved; for you are my praise."
Jeremiah 17:14

Today, however, thanks to our blogger friend, Deann, we are mindful of Psalm 139...the words ring so true with our little boy.

13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,
16 your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

We will cherish these words over the next few days...always mindful that God knows Emmett's heart better than anyone, and He alone will get him through this.

We are thankful for the flooding of prayers from family, friends, and strangers...
We are thankful for the MDs, PAs, RNs, RTs, and every other person with an acronym at Lucile Packard that will be taking care of our little guy this week...
We are thankful that we will have the support of grandparents (and an aunt!) on surgery day...
We are thankful for life-long friends, like Auntie Dana over at Mommy Brain, who dedicated her blog to Emmett today. Take a look and grab a button for E!

Tomorrow, we begin the process. Today, we just have fun and enjoy every amazingly annoying and adorable little thing that Emmett does. We love you, Big E!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blast From the Past

I was just looking through some old photos of E and getting I thought I would share. He really is the cutest little guy I've ever laid eyes on (says the completely unbiased mother). These were taken on a hike in Keystone in August of 2008, when Emmett was just about 8 months old.

I LOVE hiking...

...but I love sleeping more!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Are you sitting down?

We got the shock of our lives yesterday. Emmett's cardiologist called to tell us the results of his tests. The good news: his heart is doing well. The left ventricle is doing it's fact, it is working harder than they anticipated. The shocking news: after speaking with Dr. Hanley, they both feel very strongly that we don't want to miss this window for the double switch surgery. So, they have scheduled his operation for May 26th.

I am going back and forth between feelings of dread and relief. On one hand, I don't want E to have to go through this...I am deeply afraid for him. On the other hand, I want this behind us. I want Emmett to have the healthy and full life he deserves. I know this is bound to be the longest 2 or 3 weeks of our lives, but, on the bright side, it will all be over soon. Joe and I have never needed your prayers more than we do right now. Please pray for continued strength for our amazing little guy. We love him so much and just want him to be well.

Thanks again for your love and means the world to us!

Monday, May 10, 2010

And We're Off...

I just found out that Children's Hospital was able to switch some things around, and Emmett will be having BOTH his Cardiac Cath and MRI done tomorrow. Though I'm not looking forward to it, I am thrilled that he will only have to go under anesthesia once this week--what a relief!

Sooo...we check in at 8:30 a.m., the cath starts at 10:30, with the MRI following immediately afterwards. He will then have to lie flat in the hospital bed for several hours before we can go home. It will be a long day, but at least we may have some answers by the end of it.

Thanks again for your love for Emmett (and Joe and I). I woke up this morning, read all of your wonderful posts, and had a nice, happy, little cry--believe me, it was needed!

Assuming we have an internet connection tomorrow, I will try to keep you all updated on E's progress throughout the day.

Much love,

Update on E

From Guest Blogger, Emmett's is Mother's Day, afterall!

Hello friends and family, and Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing Mommies out there! Earlier today I posted a little message on Facebook about Emmett needing some tests done, so I thought I would elaborate on that a bit to set some minds at ease.

Thursday was E's cardiology appointment with Dr. Y. Normally, this is a very routine visit - check in, visit fish, grab a snack, check stats, get an echo, have a quick visit with Dr. Y and we're on our way. This has become so routine, in fact, that the last few visits, I have told Joe not to even worry about coming (save that vacation time for a real vacation!) Unfortunately, on Thursday's visit, I wish I'd had Joe with me. All was going well, echo was complete, and we were just waiting for the good doc to drop by. He walked by the room, said he was going to take a quick look at the echo, and be right in....fifteen minutes later, a nurse practitioner came by instead. I knew this wasn't good. She mentioned that Dr. Y was making a call to Dr. Hanley (E's surgeon at Stanford--also not a good sign). She then started to ask questions about Emmett's activity level as of late. Is he wearing out faster? How's the color in his face? Is his breathing labored? Etc. I said that, other than sweating at night, and some occasional bags under his eyes (much like his Mommy's), he was a perfectly "normal" 2 year old. She was very pleasant, playing with Emmett, but I knew something was amiss.

A few minutes later, Dr. Y came in, smile on his face. He gave E his high five and knuckles, listened to his heart, and gave him a good once over. Then came the sentence I was dreading, "I am a little concerned about Emmett's echo today". My heart dropped. What? We hadn't received a bad echo report since BEFORE his first surgery a year and a half ago. Dr. Y said that his left ventricular function was just a little different this time, but was quick to note that he may be making a bigger deal of it than necessary. Regardless, he wants Emmett to get an MRI and Cardiac catheterization done this week--double yikes since they both require anesthesia. We are hopeful that they can schedule the tests together for this reason. We are praying that the tests will simply serve to assure us that everything is fine. If, however, the tests show a negative finding, E's cardiologist will consult with his surgeon, and we'll come together on a plan for Emmett.

I admit that I did something that I don't often do on these visits...I started to cry. I felt a little like a bad Mom--I mean, was Emmett showing signs that I had just missed? After speaking with Joe and several of my friends who spend time with E, however, I realize that no one saw any signs. The optimistic side of me says that this is a great sign! If he is acting this strong and healthy, he must be fine. The worried Momma side of me, however, says that something could be wrong. I am choosing to remain optimistic. We adore Dr. Y (and he adores Emmett), so we pray that he's just being overly cautious.

I will update as soon as I know when the tests will be. In the meantime, please pray for Emmett. While you're at it, have your friends, family members, co-workers, church friends, next door neighbors, and supermarket clerks say a prayer too :) I truly believe that all of your prayers have made an incredible difference in our lives so far. We have an amazing God, who is holding Emmett firmly in his hands, and there are no other hands that I would rather he be in :)

Much, much, much love from the Rockies,
Missy, Joe and Big E

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm Still Here--I Promise!

Sorry I am so behind...I know you are probably missing me like crazy! I promise to commit some serious time to catching you up on all things Emmett very soon. There is so much to tell, including a trip back to St. Louis to visit my family AND my first time in a tuxedo. Intrigued? You're just going to have to wait, because I am a man in demand :)

In the meantime, here is a a little teaser photo...more to follow soon!